Nick is an extremely talented, creative and hugely enthusiastic director who I have had the

pleasure of working with on several different shows now. He is an absolute delight to have in any

gallery – a calming influence in a live environment. Nick comes onto a show and strives to make

it the best it possibly can be – and then some. I can’t recommend working with him highly enough.

Every gallery should have a Nick Harris!


MICHELLE WOODS, Executive Producer, "The Million Pound Drop: Live",  Endemol / Channel 4





 On 'Embarrassing Bodies Live from the Clinic'  Nick not only did a brilliant job directing this

technically complex live show but he was instrumental in creating a new look for the second series -

pulling together a brilliant team from his extensive industry contacts. The result was a wonderful

new set at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.  Don’t book this guy – I need him!”


SARAH EGLIN, Executive Producer, "Embarrassing Bodies Live From The Clinic",  Maverick / Channel 4





"Nick came on board Missing Live as part of the team to develop and rebrand the series. 

He immediately got where the new editorial was going and brought so much to the overall vision. 

 He was instrumental in bringing the new feel of the studio, set design and graphics together. 

He's enthusiastic, warm, authoratitive and above all someone who is great to work with. 

He delivers more than you ask for and I can't wait to work with him again."


MILES JARVIS, Executive Producer, "Missing Live", Leopard Films for BBC  





'Nick is a regular director for The One Show. He's brought imagination, excellent team leadership

and good talent-handling skills to it. He does much more than just what producers ask - he adds to their vision,

that's quite rare in telly these days.'


 DOUG CARNEGIE, Editor, "The One Show", BBC Specialist Factual





'NIck is fun and enthusiastic and a joy to have working on The Weakest Link. 

He runs the team efficiently and with natural ease and authority. Book him. He's really good.’


                                              ALEXANDRA McLEOD, Series Editor, "The Weakest Link", BBC Entertainment






'NIck is a very talented director, full of ideas, great with talent and crew, calm under pressure and a joy to work with. 

He's an asset to any gallery.'


JULIA McROW, Series Producer, "The National Lottery Draws", Initial / Endemol






‘NIck is a very dynamic director who quickly understands the style of a programme and is forthcoming with suggestions to enhance that style.  He works well with crew and production alike, is popular, positive and a pleasure to work with.’


ANYA FRANCIS, Executive Producer, "This Morning", ITV Studios





'Nick is a talented director who visualises ideas with great flair, and who calmly steers complex live shows.

His passion for TV infuses and enthuses the teams he works with.'


 JOE GODWIN, Head of BBC Children’s





‘I have worked with Nick many times and in many live situations. He managed to stick to the fun side of the job, even in challenging situations, and always got a great end result. He gave great direction and always at the right moments!   We always had a lot of fun working together!’







'Nick is a talented studio director who just loves the medium. He always brings added value to every job he does.

Nick combines creative flair with respect and understanding for the people he works with - a respect that is mutual.'


CHRIS BELLINGER, Executive Producer





'The only director better than Nick is Steven Spielberg - and he does movies - so no, no-one is better than him. 

Well maybe Martin Scorsese - but he shouldn't feel too bad about that.'